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I write about happiness, purpose, creativity, and the psychology of well-being.
Illustration of our worries happen more in imagination than in reality.

A Recipe for Peace of Mind

Why we worry and a recipe to overcome it and live with peace of mind.
Illustration of thoughts, feelings, and outcomes.
4 min read

What The World Needs From You

A Vulnerable Confession + A peek into what stops us from pursuing the things we want and how I'm learning to overcome it.
Illustration showing the brain before and after music
2 min read

How To Make Time Stand Still

The hair on the back of my neck stood up and in those few moments, time stood completely still.
Illustration of a brian showing diffuse mode on one side and focus mode on the other side.
4 min read

What Makes Us Happy?

Research shows that lasting happiness is not something to be found so you can get on with your life...
Illustration of  how to change someone's life.
6 min read

How To Change Someone's Life

One sentence of feedback from a teacher changed everything for these students. What did that one sentence say? I'm giving you...