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I write about happiness, creativity, self-improvement, and the psychology of well-being.
4 min read

How Will You Be Remembered?

A simple (yet powerful) reminder about what's important in life and how people will remember you.
6 min read

A Vulnerable Confession

I want to share one of my own battles with letting scary feelings stop me from taking action on something I really wanted to do

A Moment's Worth of Courage

Today I am responsible for one small step forward.

A Recipe for Peace of Mind

How to overcome worry and focus on what truly matters.
1 min read

How A Ripple Becomes A Wave

I have a theory that everything we do, especially when interacting with others, creates a ripple effect that has a far greater impact...

What You Feed, Grows

Our thoughts and the things we focus on shape who we become...

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Illustration of thoughts, feelings, and outcomes.