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I write about music, creativity, and happiness.
3 min read

How To Make Time Stand Still

Discovering the healing power of music.

I Guess I'm Not Gifted

Watching a small group of kids leave to attend a special class for ‘gifted kids only’ made me think to myself, “I guess I’m not in gifted."
4 min read

Finding Happiness

Happiness is not complacent and is never fully satisfied with the achievements of yesterday.
3 min read

One Sentence I'd Give Anything To Read

Making a case for you to capture ideas and share your creativity with the world...or at least those that need to hear your voice.

Living Fully Alive

A shift happens when the desire to become someone, or overcome something becomes greater than the fear
4 min read

Why Are We Here?

I eventually came face to face with a question for someone standing at a crossroads of life: If not music then what is my purpose?
4 min read

How Will You Be Remembered?

A simple (yet powerful) reminder about what's important in life and how people will remember you.
6 min read

A Vulnerable Confession

I want to share one of my own battles with letting scary feelings stop me from taking action on something I really wanted to do

A Moment's Worth of Courage

Today I am responsible for one small step forward.

A Recipe for Peace of Mind

How to overcome worry and focus on what truly matters.
1 min read

How A Ripple Becomes A Wave

I have a theory that everything we do, especially when interacting with others, creates a ripple effect that has a far greater impact...

What You Feed, Grows

Our thoughts and the things we focus on shape who we become...

A Life Changing Story About What's Possible

I recently heard a story that changed what I believe is possible for me. It also changed what I believe is possible for you...
5 min read

What Makes Us Happy?

Research shows that lasting happiness is not something to be found so you can get on with your life...
1 min read

What Really Matters in Life?

Bronnie Ware spent over a decade caring for people in their last weeks. Here are their five most common regrets in life...

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