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I write about music, creativity, and happiness.
4 min read

How to Have Creative Breakthroughs

Research shows that only 16% of creative breakthroughs happen while working on a project. So when do most breakthroughs happen?

The Psychological Benefits of Journaling

As someone who values creativity, and has battled my share of anxiety and depression, I want to share something with you that has changed my

Becoming A Better You

Recent research shows that 91% of people never achieve their New Year's resolutions. The ones who do have these things in common...
6 min read

How To Change Someone's Life

One sentence of feedback from a teacher changed everything for these students. What did that one sentence say? I'm giving you...

Be Brave

Don’t let criticism or the fear of rejection stop you from creating. Push through…be brave.
6 min read

3 Things I Wish I Had Done Differently As A Signed Musician

We went from touring in a van, and eating popcorn, potato chips and sometimes nothing at all for dinner- to sitting in a studio in LA...
6 min read

The Art of Songwriting

This was how it was laid out to me, and honestly, it made sense. I struggled with if I was "selling out" because that phrase is thrown...
7 min read

How Trust Company Got Signed

From the time I was about 15 years old, the only thing I dreamed about was getting signed to a major record label and touring the world...
5 min read

On Songwriting With Chester Bennington

That night in Atlanta, Chester shared with me that while they were writing the Hybrid Theory record, Don kept pushing him to re-write some..

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