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I write about happiness, creativity, self-improvement, and the psychology of well-being.

A Life Changing Story About What's Possible

I recently heard a story that changed what I believe is possible for me. It also changed what I believe is possible for you...
5 min read

What Makes Us Happy?

Research shows that lasting happiness is not something to be found so you can get on with your life...
1 min read

What Really Matters in Life?

Bronnie Ware spent over a decade caring for people in their last weeks. Here are their five most common regrets in life...
4 min read

How to Have Creative Breakthroughs

Research shows that only 16% of creative breakthroughs happen while working on a project. So when do most breakthroughs happen?

The Psychological Benefits of Journaling

As someone who values creativity, and has battled my share of anxiety and depression, I want to share something with you that has changed my

Becoming A Better You

Recent research shows that 91% of people never achieve their New Year's resolutions. The ones who do have these things in common...

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